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Establish an agile and flexible workforce to deliver projects on time by leveraging our stellar grade staff augmentation services.

Resource Augmentation, also known as extended Web, Mobile Software Development including IT Help Desk and Support Services, is hiring outside personnel from an external provider for a certain period of time to fit a specific business requirement instead of hiring and maintaining staff as regular full-time employees.

We offer solutions for all sorts of business requirements by understanding the client’s technological needs. EvoSolv leverages its 20+ experience and expertise to deliver highly expandable solutions by following industry best practices.

Scalable recruitment solutions with Pay as you go model

Our Resource Augmentation solution provides you with the people you need to overcome your recruitment hurdles and realise your ambitions. We quickly deploy as many or as few talent resources as you need to complement your existing in-house team.

Conveniently located in Colombo – Sri Lanka, Our staff augmentations services provide highly skilled professionals in the region at affordable pay scales to help your organization achieve project requirements efficiently.

Support your in-house team and drive projects forward with flexible access to talent.

  • Deployed from 48hrs
    We can source, assess and deploy your ideal candidates swiftly, so they can start adding value to your projects straightaway.
  • Monthly renewal
    Our convenient subscription model gives you access to our talent pool as and when you need it.
  • Managed by you, employed by us
    We oversee the management of performance, objectives and development pathways for talent – so all you’ll need to do is manage their workload.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Solutions


  • Project Managers: With intensive industry knowledge, our project managers are highly capable of managing and implementing a range of projects.
  • Architects: Our architects will work with your company’s management and IT staff to manage the optimal contour to fulfil your project goals.
  • Systems/Business Analysts: Our analysts will add value to your project by identifying the requirements and recommending solutions.
  • Web and Software Developers: From mobile to web development, our skilled developers are well trained to handle all of your application development needs.


Business Process Optimization: Our analysts can determine the overall project efficiency and effectiveness and can guide the best way to proceed with best practices.

Package Selection: With tools and knowledge, our experts will help you choose the accurate setup to fulfil your company’s requirements, from collecting technical requirements through the RFP stage and post-vendor management.


  • Save on HR, administration, and staff costing such as healthcare, taxes, insurance and all.
  • Have already trained and skilled team to reduce the training necessities
  • Find the best resources for your specific niche.

Staff augmentation technology offerings by EvoSolv

  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Management (WordPress, Shopify, Etc…)
  • Web based Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • ERP Implementation, Maintenance & Support
  • Infrastructure Support & Management
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Object-Oriented Design & Development
  • Project Management
  • High-Quality Assurance & Porting
  • Social Media Optimization & Management
  • Paid Digital Marketing
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Systems Architecture & Planning

Frontend & Full Stack

  • Angular
  • VUE.JS
  • React
  • MEAN


  • PHP/Laravel
  • Python (Django/Flask)
  • Ruby
  • WordPress

Tools & Technologies Used Mobile:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin

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Support your in-house team and drive projects forward with flexible access to talent.

Benefits of IT Resource Augmentation

Ease of Recruitment

It takes an average of six weeks to fill technical vacancies, which is a serious problem in this modern world of agile development because it contributes to productivity loss. Although the gap has shrunk significantly post Covid 19, the demand for technical talent still currently outweighs the available supply. You no longer need to spend valuable time, allocate resources, or spend money to source, interview, and hire resources. An outsourced vendor will provide you with rapid access to a large, qualified, and ready-to-go talent pool.

Highly Skilled Specialization

There is a fairly large gap between the skills companies are looking for and the skill sets their teams currently hold and/or are being trained in. Although you may employ a powerful roster of developers and adjacent project teams, new project initiatives may evolve and demand specific skill sets that your current in-house team simply does not hold. In such a case, you will need to expand your project team’s capacity and knowledge to successfully execute. Resource Augmentation has become one of the simplest options when forming a software team or tackling a new project that utilizes some form of unfamiliar technology. Since these professionals have adequate expertise in your required segment, they do not need much time to train and/or onboard your project.

Strong Balance of Hard and Soft Skills

It has become somewhat easier this year to source candidates who are fairly technically qualified on paper. However, companies are starting to understand the equal importance and benefits of soft skills. Communication, collaboration, presentation, mentorship, leadership, and some degree of emotional intelligence are core soft skills that are being prioritized. These soft skills provide greater team synergies and help with team morale and retention. Sourcing that well-balanced blend of both hard and soft skills can be a challenge. Resource Augmentation firms focus on that balance with a ready-to-go resource pool filled with personality, charm, and a high degree of emotional intelligence.


Many companies tend to scale up to attempt to achieve their goals and gain favorable market conditions.However, they face challenges with risks of project failures, shortage of capital, and employee retention. It is challenging for companies to scale their technical teams if they are unable to find qualified candidates within a timely fashion who align with their project needs. One of the biggest benefits of resource augmentation is the flexibility it provides. With the constant change of work priorities and business requirements, this model allows you to scale on a project basis and find adequate skills at the right time. Quickly scale up or down on demand without sacrificing project timelines or quality.

Controlled and Reduced Costs

There are costs associated with recruitment, training, and benefits, not to mention the costs of salaries and other compensation. With the labor shortage the tech industry has faced over the last few years, many organizations have attempted to rectify their shortages with competitive wages, increased bonuses, and generous benefit plans, but their budgets are limited. Hiring full-time employees to strictly fulfill a project-specific need can be costly. Many organizations struggle with downtime and allocating team members to additional projects and/or tasks to work on during slower periods. Resource augmentation services cut these costs as you only pay for the time worked throughout the duration of the project, rather than engaging with HR onboarding activities, providing sufficient insurance and health coverage, and sustaining employee retention efforts. Through this outsourcing strategy, a business can fulfill project-specific needs through controlled and predictable fixed costs with no long-term salary commitment.

Access to Global Talent

IT staff augmentation providers can help you access global talent pools, which can be especially beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple locations or have international clients. This can provide you with access to a wider range of skills and expertise, as well as local knowledge and cultural insights. Acquire talent without geographical and time zone limitations.


Remote work is no longer a trending concept but instead the new norm within the software development sector. Global consultancies providing resource augmentation, such as Perficient, are uniquely well-positioned to fulfill the needs of specialized skill sets in this remote first global economy. Companies worldwide are reaping the benefits of the alternative staffing model, especially when there is an unexpected sudden need for development acceleration, when consumer demand increases, and/or when faced with increased employee attrition.