Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

We cater to a wide range of web development requirements; from simple personal websites to sophisticated corporate ones. We believe that each client’s needs are unique and hence we do not offer set packages. Each project is treated with our full attention with the aim of creating a unique solution every time. Our pricing is based on the project at hand and hours involved, whereby we furnish a fee proposal with a time frame for completion. By making use of the latest technological tools, our expert web developers in Sri Lanka are able to build user-friendly and customized websites more efficiently. This factor ensures that our clients get their websites developed more rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. We also ensure that your websites will be compatible with any kind of laptop & desktop screen resolution, Smart Phones and Tablets.

We understand the need for effectiveness of search engine ranking as we are one who drive in user traffic to a website and generate lot of profit and business opportunities. If your website is not properly visible or listed in search engine results then your chances of losing out on customer also increases and vice-versa. With every experience, our teams have developed and adapted themselves to the changing business and technical environments. Moving forward in this industry, we are truly optimistic of our future ventures and instead of being ordinary apart, we aspire to be extraordinary together. Together we face challenges and celebrate victories.

For some people, creating a website is not just about web presence, we understand it’s something beyond that and they expect something with it. Being an experienced web design company Sri Lanka, we follow the best strategy for you. Designing an Internet strategy for your company includes “look and feel” appeal, positioning, online marketing and ways of integrating it into your current advertising. This type of strategic development ensures that your company will successfully enter the Internet marketplace with a hot, high-demand web site.

We got into responsive web design, not to look or be trendy, but because we truly believe it’s the way websites should be made. This is an opportunity for us to finally embrace the dynamic medium now available out there. We excel in indexing, listing, on page and off page optimization to facilitate favourable placement of your website in search engine result pages. Higher ranking in SERPS on the internet make your website more visible to visitors to achieve increased and improved visitor traffic to the website.

Our designs don’t stop at just being unique and attractive. Our team of highly experienced and talented designers deliver designs that are user friendly, meet international standards and most importantly, make a significant contribution to the bottom line of every client. Our sites are also technically superior, optimised for achieving higher search engine performance and operate without failure or errors, even with millions of hits per month. Combined with our world-class services that include copy writing and professional photography we deliver a comprehensive web design solution that is unmatched by any other company in Sri Lanka.

Custom Web Designing

Custom web design is where the designer creates the whole website exactly as you pictured it, making your website stand out from all other websites.

E-Commerce Web Development

EvoSolv.com is work with the clients to plan, develop, and implement the most effective e-commerce website possible for the business.

Web Application Development

EvoSolv.com is well experienced in web developing that provides excellent solutions for the clients. We have built various kinds of dynamic web applications for businesses in many countries.

CMS Web Design

A content management system (CMS) is a system used to administer the substance of a website. It will assist you to update the website without any technical knowledge. CMS helps you to save time and money by enabling you to update / maintain the website by yourself such as your website’s text, photos, promotional offers etc. We will identify your exact requirements and will provide you with a tailored easy to use CMS website that will serve you well.