Smart developers are always looking ahead for ways to adapt in the ever changing world of web development. As trends emerge, new opportunities will arise. No one could have imagined what the web would look like today 20 years ago, so who knows what the coming decades will hold. Staying on top of the latest web development trends could eventually help you land a job that doesn’t exist yet. Here is a roundup of front end web development trends to keep an eye on in 2019.

  1. Progressive Web Apps#
    Being responsive is no longer enough; today’s websites need to be progressive. Progressive web apps are websites that resemble native mobile apps. Therefore, they are designed to adapt to the browser, screen size, and device specifications of the user. Since they tap into the native device capabilities to run, progressive web apps even work offline. Companies that have switched from traditional websites to progressive web apps have seen higher conversions and customer engagement. PWA.Rocks has many examples of progressive apps for inspiration.
  2. Frontend Frameworks#
    If you’re not using a frontend framework like React, Vue.js, or Angular to help build your projects, then 2019 is a good year to start. Such frameworks come with tools that streamline the tedious aspects of development so that you can focus on optimizing the user experience.
  3. Static and Single Page Websites#
    Frameworks like Jekyll, Gatsby, or Hugo can quickly generate simple static web pages. Static pages are faster and more secure than dynamic ones, and you can add dynamic content to static pages with the help of APIs and Markdown. If you’re exceptionally savvy, you can reduce your website to a single page.
  4. GraphQL Replaces REST APIs#
    Developed by Facebook, GraphQL is a query language that is quickly replacing REST APIs. It can be used to decouple your frontend from your backend and improve server efficiency.
  5. Cross-platform Apps#
    Most people use more than one device to surf the web. In fact, over a third of American consumers own a smartphone, a computer, and a tablet. Therefore, making apps that work and sync across different devices is increasingly important. Frameworks like Electron and Ionic can be especially helpful in this department.
  6. Web Components#
    Web component compilers like Stencil make it easy create your own custom elements. Web components are highly reusable, so they can come in handy for future projects.
  7. Serverless Applications#
    Managing your own server is so 2018. Serverless frameworks like Nuclio let you utilize cloud technology to reduce your workload, improve scaling and save money on unused resources. Major cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud all support serverless services.
  8. Machine Learning#
    AI is no longer restricted by its programmer’s inputs. The miracle of machine learning allows programs to collect and synthesize new information to improve the user experience. TensorFlow is an excellent tool for making your own machine learning models using just JavaScript, but you can also use services like AWS Rekognition to add image recognition capabilities to your projects with relative ease.
  9. Customer Service Chatbots#
    Speaking of which, artificial intelligence has evolved to the point that bots can answer customers’ questions and solve problems more efficiently than humans. Gartner predicted a 70 percent increase in total revenues for the AI industry by the end of this year, so you’ll need to get on the bandwagon as soon as possible if you want to stay competitive.
  10. Blockchain Technology#
    Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin rely on blockchains, but web developers are just realizing the full potential of this technology. Distributed ledgers provide extra security while boasting the ability to authenticate thousands of transactions instantaneously. IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are all exploring new ways to use blockchains in 2019.

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